Happy Birthday: 10 Years Has Flown By

So I’m that guy, watching time slip by and his daughter growing up too fast.

number candles

Yesterday was a fun day for our family. My oldest child, our daughter, turned 10 years old. For her birthday she was able to plan all the meals, and choose an activity to do that she would enjoy. Her meal choices were pretty fun, she wanted biscuits and gravy for breakfast, lunch was not too important as long as there were artichokes to eat, and her dinner request was barbequed meat from Dickey’s Barbecue. She also asked to be able to go out in the evening with just me and her Mom to go to dinner and shop for some school clothes.

So Grandma came over to babysit the other kids and we took her out on her birthday date. I really enjoyed the evening we had together. It was a lot of fun spending time with her alone. We have not done that for a while. I think sometimes older siblings get lost in the chaos as younger children require a lot more attention and care at the early ages.

It struck me that somewhere along the way she had turned into a beautiful, funny, smart, silly, playful, responsible young girl. I took a mental snap shot as we laughed and joked around throughout the night. We had a great night together and I will treasure that memory.

Time seems to fly by, the last 10 years are a blur, and truly it will not be long before she is a teenager. Nothing in life has given me more pride and satisfaction than seeing my children grow up and develop into the people they are becoming. I am excited for the future, but at the same time I want to make the most of the present and live in the moments we share together.

It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since she was born, but I think it is even harder to believe that I am old enough to be the father to a 10 year old.

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